Lynn’s Darker History

NEW WALK – In addition to their regular walks on other topics relating to the town, King’s Lynn Town Guides are offering an appealing new walk.

St Margaret’s Church
Photo © James Rye 2022

King’s Lynn’s Darker History: Conflicts, Murders, Executions.

This is NOT a Ghost Walk, but you will find out about: the community held to ransom, the massacred horses, the seven naked bodies, the three local aristocrats accused of treason, the fight and mistaken identity that led to war, the man who lost his eye and the woman who lost her arm, the missing body, the new whipping post; and, of course, the boiling, the gibbeting, and all the duckings, burnings, hangings, and quarterings.  

King’s Lynn’s Darker History: Conflicts, Murders, and Executions will start at 18:00 and will be offered by King’s Lynn Town Guides on the following dates:

Wednesday 19 June, Thursday 04 July, Thursday 01 August, Thursday 05 September, Thursday 10 October.

We would prefer you to book online ( However, in the event of any difficulty, just turn up to the Saturday Market Place and pay £5 on the night.

The Darker Lynn Walk starts at the Saturday Market Place (PE30 5DQ) and ends near the Tuesday Market Place (PE30 1JJ). There is limited parking on the Saturday Market Place. The nearest long-term car park is the NCP Car Park just round the corner in Church Street (PE30 5EB). Alternatively use the Boal Car Park on the South Quay (PE30 5AB).

You will can book online ( £5 for adults. It is also available as a private walk. You can contact us to request a private walk on this topic.

First group on the King’s Lynn’s Darker History Walk (17/07/23)