King’s Lynn Town Guide

Why not walk through 1,000 years of history with a trained and qualified King’s Lynn Town Guide? Most walkers are surprised by how much they have enjoyed themselves – and by what they have learned.

You can book your 2024 guided walk directly from the King’s Lynn Town Guides’ website:

Learn about a new walk on Darker Lynn (Conflicts, Murders, Executions) here.

The walks are only £5 for adults – free for under 16s. King’s Lynn Town Guides give their time and expertise for free but the money raised goes to King’s Lynn’s Heritage Causes.

In addition to the regular King’s Lynn Guided Walks (2pm, every Tuesday to Saturday from April – October – and also on Mondays and Sundays during peak season), you can arrange special tours for particular groups, organisations, companies, clubs, or just for groups of friends, at any reasonable time during the year. Every walk will be led by one of King’s Lynn’s trained Town Guides. Contact details below.

The regular Historic Lynn Walks start outside Stories of Lynn in the Saturday Market Place and finish on the Tuesday Market Place. There is limited parking on the Saturday Market Place. The nearest long-term car park is the NCP Car Park just round the corner in Church Street (PE30 5EB). Alternatively use the Boal Car Park on the South Quay (PE30 5AB)

Google Review: Matthew Bowman – “The Guide took us on a fantastic historical journey through around 1000 years of history. Brilliant story teller too. Not too far to walk if you’re worried.”

Facebook Review: Frances Hobbs-Pinkerton – “This is an awesome tour. Very interesting. Great historical info but not overwhelming. Enough to stimulate further self-investigation, if that’s how you swing. A perfect overview as a visitor to King’s Lynn.”

Howard Goodall Feedback (email) – “The exercise really brought the town and its history to life. Excellent guide. Money well spent.”

Sue Askew Feedback (email) – “We thoroughly enjoyed our walk. We will definitely be recommending it to others. Our Guide was brilliant, informative, interesting and entertaining. We are looking forward to the next one booked later this year.”

Contact King’s Lynn Town Guides

You can book a walk on the King’s Lynn Town Guides’ Website:

Download the King’s Lynn Town Guides’ 2024 Leaflet with information on all the walks we offer:

For Information, or Queries about King’s Lynn Town Guides, email:

For more information about King’s Lynn, call the Tourist Information Centre on 01553 774297

Can You Answer These Questions About King’s Lynn?

Every King’s Lynn Town Guided Walk is different, but if you sign up for the regular Historic King’s Lynn walk, you may get answers to questions such as these:

  • Why is King’s Lynn called “King’s Lynn”? (See here.)
  • What three important words were chiselled from one of King’s Lynn’s most famous doors and why were they removed? (See here.)
  • How did a dolls house come to have such an impact on an historical facade in King’s Lynn?
  • Who was the man from King’s Lynn who fought against the Spanish Armada in 1588 and where did he live?
  • Who was the man from King’s Lynn who was one of the first naval officers to cross the North West Passage? (See here.)
  • Where is the oldest house in King’s Lynn? (See here.)
  • In past times when gruesome public executions were more common, what were probably the two most gruesome public executions carried out on King’s Lynn’s Tuesday Market Place? (See here.)
  • Where is the longest continuous building in King’s Lynn? (See here.)
  • Where is King’s Lynn’s intact (but not operational) Victorian Municipal Swimming Bath hidden?
  • Where is King’s Lynn’s famous windmill? (See here.)

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Just some of the walkers who have been on a tour through Historic King’s Lynn with one of King’s Lynn Town Guides, James Rye.